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Hi all, I've heard from word of mouth, for months now, that the government were going to lower the threshold for 15 hours free childcare to 2 years old to help working parents out.

free milk tokens free eyes tests / perscriptions / dental ... i think all people who get any kind of benifits should pay towards all treatment !!!!!

Krystal is a top actress in the modern times and Gong Myung is a top star, though I doubt being famous and popular has anything on being a magical deity.

I can’t tell much whether this casting will work or not but the unknown factor keeps Bride on my to-watch list.

Krystal plays the goddess of water moo Ra while Gong Myung may be baby-faced but he’s played Bi Ryun the god of heaven.

Im Joo Hwan is playing a human character and from his list in the first stills likely the antagonist.

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